On Me & My Body: Post I

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about my body, my mind and the relationship between them. I’ve also been thinking a lot about food (standard.).

  1. We’re having guests over

I’m not the kind of person who would offer my couch to just anyone. ‘Hey, stay at ours’, is not a phrase I utter often. However when we are sharing our home with people, people we love, close friends and family, it’s great! You get to spend a whirlwind few days together, hanging out, watching TV, having experiences and making memories. However while they’re there, your house doesn’t quite feel your own. You don’t feel 100% relaxed, even if it’s your closest friend or immediate family. Something about them being there makes everything different. Not that you don’t love having them there, its just- different, y’know?

This is how I feel about indulgent food. My Instagram feed or any conversation you have with me will tell you right away that I love food. I love researching food, looking at pictures of food, planning whole days or evenings around trekking to specific eateries to eat a specific piece of food. Love. It.

However. I am a clean eater 90% of the time. I eat nice sized portions of food my body needs, which fuels me and makes me feel awesome.

Indulgent food does not have the same affect.

Indulgent food comes into my body like a guest sharing my house. The experience is great! This tastes awesome! I’m so glad we did this! But afterwards I’m not quite myself. I don’t have the same amount of energy, my mind can be sort of foggy, my motivation wains.

Like the guests in your house, indulgent food makes me feel like I have to expend energy in a situation that would normally *give* me energy.

Is it worth it? Yes. But only because its temporary. This enhances the experience of eating, but also the experience of living a clean eating lifestyle. Contrast is a very useful tool, it makes us grateful.

When the guests leave, you turn and look at your home and feel free. You can finally get back to re-charging in the safest of places.

And after my body has worked through the vegan fried chicken/ seitan burger/ pulled jack fruit kebab, it can get back to kicking ass.

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