January Favs!

January 2017 has been FUCKING AWESOME*

*Im writing this on the 28th and trusting this statement will remain true.. 

There’s been so much about this month that I have loved! I’ve pushed myself and I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved! Alright let’s get to it.


So much. But specifically the SUPER easy wholemeal tortilla recipe thats included in this recipe.

Also if you, like me, want to eat really dark chocolate for all its goodness but struggle because its GROSS- try smearing a tiny bit of peanut butter (good, palm-oil free, only nuts peanut butter) on it and THANK ME LATER

Linda MacCartney shredded hoisin duck.


Ive become obsessed with sports documentaries on Netflix. Sports like ultra-marathoning, the crossfit games and rock climbing.

Ive also been enjoying media that enforces positivity. The Minimalists (they have a podcast and documentary on Netflix), Tony Robbins, this podcast and this one.

Ive also been continuing my YouTube dependance. My particular fav this month has been John Greens side project- 100 days.

Working out!

Before Christmas I completed a 6-week workout plan (more info here). Since then Ive been enjoying using the workouts from that plan and incorporating Joe Wicks quick HIIT workouts to mix up my workout sessions.

Other things I’ve been incorporating into my workout regime is Yoga, I have a YouTube based home practice  (and I got to meet the wonderful instructor last October, more info here) but this month I took a small public class in Ealing and I can’t recommend it enough. I immediately booked in my February class and cant wait for it.

The other activity I finally got off my butt and arranged this month was hiking! I love hiking but there isn’t much hiking to be done in London and travelling to the good spots outside of London can be a faff. Luckily for me a quick Google search brought up lots of hiking groups. I’ve gone with Outdooraholics, I managed to fit in 2 hikes with them in January and will absolutely be hiking with them in February!


I elluded to this in my media favs but this month I’ve been really trying to stay positive. Obvious epiphany alert but I realised that what you surround yourself with is what you fed your mind with and THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS. So I’ve been spending less time engaging with people who tend towards negativity and I’ve been trying to surround myself with positivity and positive re-enforcement. I also spend a lot of time catching myself. When I get an email at work that is frustrating, before I would have flown off the handle and been annoyed all day and brought that home with me. Now I allow myself the initial ‘Oh for fucks sake’ and then I catch myself. I ask myself whether this warrants any more, any more time, any more effort, any more of my mood. So far, nothing has. My motto for this month has been DOES THIS SERVE ME. I made it the image on my phones lock screen and I find myself looking at it. Does this serve me? No? Then set it down. (Click on the image for the source).




Instagram account

zannavandijk – Fitness enthusiast and all round kick ass female

Honourable mention: will it waffle?


NathanZedd (also of Youtube fame)

Thing on the Internet (click image for source)



‘Paprika’. It only exists in my head, but its when you’re adding paprika to something (which I do daily, its the bomb) and you sing ‘Africa’ by Shakira, but instead you sing

Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka waka eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Paprika


The Hamilton version of Thomas Jefferson (click on the image for source)



  1. Trying bouldering
  2. Trying boxing (!)
  3. Trying to hit 60kg in my deadlifts
  4. Getting closer to the clock change 🙂

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